Creativity for a Cause

MOFILM partners with social enterprises and charities to provide them with fresh and innovative video content. For our filmmakers it provides the chance to challenge their skills by creating entertaining content that can still communicate a more serious message.

Winning Films

A snapshot of contest-winning films selected by leading charitable organisations.


Daniel Effiong

Thato was commissioned to capture the story about an One Young World Ambassador. Find out more


Apizsara Praisin

Arch tells the story of another One Young World ambassador. Find out more


Lawrence Chen

Little Things was used at conferences world-wide by NGO TEEB. See more films.


Kenneth Wales & Jason Lansing

Stand Up To Bad Food put a face on junk food for the Jamie Oliver Foundation.


Andrew & Remy Neymarc

You Give cracked The American Red Cross brief to encourage blood donations. See more films.


Tamara Rosenfeld

Did You Know? was created to help the Akshaya Patra foundation feed 5 million children by 2020. See more films.


Jon Delgado

Whooti Whoo! helped the Seven Bar Foundation raise money to support micro finance for women See more films.


Adam Zivo

Think About It raises questions about how corporations do business for Pavan Sukhdev’s project Today’s Corporation. See more films.


Fun Little Movies

Hey Jenny boldly brought to life The Jed Foundation’s mission to protect the mental health of college students.


Lindsay McFarlane

Tiger, Water, Tree beautifully illustrates the Satpuda Foundation’s mission to highlight the biodiversity of the Central Indian Highlands See more films.