MOFILM gives filmmakers opportunity. The opportunity to develop and showcase their talent on a global stage. The opportunity to take control and shape their own careers. The opportunity to tell the stories that they want to tell.

We do this by connecting filmmakers to the world's biggest brands and giving them challenging briefs to answer. Our production model supports filmmaker development while letting them keep creative control. 

We also support filmmakers in other areas of their careers, associating with like-minded companies to provide even more development opportunities. In 2014 we partnered with the prestigious D&AD awards to create the Next Director award, which recognises breakthrough industry talent. We also have an ongoing relationship with Getty Images to help filmmakers make money from licensing unused footage.  We often use our social channels to support and create awareness for our community members personal projects. It could be showing off their latest short or supporting crowdfunding requests to finance their next project. 

The MOFILM community has members from all around the world and we hold regular events around the world, Los Angeles, London, Sao Paulo and Sydney, to bring like-minded industry people together for a fun evening of networking and idea sharing. We've even helped filmmakers move around the world by helping references for visa applications!

We are always looking for new filmmakers to help build our community and support networks in new countries. We’ve run outreach programs to recruit new filmmaker talent in South America, Asia and more recently the Middle East. 

Our Partners