Chevrolet : Palm Springs Video Contest 2012

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The Chevrolet Sonic/Aveo is Chevy’s opportunity to prove that it isn’t just about trucks and to introduce itself to a whole new generation. A generation that has a thirst for discovery but fears that everything might have already been discovered.

To motivate them, Chevrolet would like short films that will inspire urban 25 year olds to find their epic firsts in live.

'The following film has been shown for illustration purposes only, we do not recommend that you try to replicate any of the stunts seen here'

To enter, download the brief and assets, and upload by the deadline.

The winning filmmaker will be invited, with a friend, to join MOFILM and fellow winners in California 2012, where we have a weekend of enjoyment lined up.

Remember, if you need help, have any questions or would like feedback on your ideas, then please email us at or ask on Facebook or via Twitter.

Grand Prize
  • $8,000
    Round trip travel for two people to California with three nights hotel accommodation

2nd Prize


3rd Prize


4th Prize


5th Prize


Frequently Asked Questions


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